Ladurée Toronto store front

Ladurée Toronto had its grand opening today

The highly-anticipated Ladurée Toronto opened up at Yorkdale mall this today at noon. A crowd of people were awaiting the French macarons chain to open its doors in Toronto at the Yorkdale shopping centre.

Ladurée has been a hit in Europe, starting in Paris in 1862, a fact I only know because that’s what the bag and box say! Ladurée has been adored in other parts of the world as well, including by our fellow canucks in Vancouver, so it is about time that Torontonians got a piece!

Ladurée in Geneva, Switzerland

My first encounter with Ladurée was in Geneva, Switzerland. I had been walking around downtown Geneva by the water when a cute, Parisian cafe with windows full of French desserts caught my eye.

I went in for a cup of tea and a dessert. I remember thinking how lovely the experience was—it was such a cute, quiet place for such a busy street downtown Geneva by the water.

Ladurée Toronto is a completely different vibe—it’s in the bustling Yorkdale shopping centre, a destination that is not for passers-by but rather for individuals who go out of their way to have a high-quality shopping experience. You cannot just stumble upon it and discover it, unless of course you’re already at Yorkdale, which is quite far from downtown Toronto up in North York.

Ladurée Toronto store front on opening day

Many people throughout the mall were carrying bags from Ladurée, assumedly full of delicious macarons to share with their loved ones (or enjoy on their own!)

Shopping bag from Ladurée Toronto

Ladurée Toronto had lots of people lining up throughout the day. Once inside, you can see the beautiful pastel colours that adorned the walls. Macarons of all flavours and colours filled the window displays.

While waiting in line, the staff at Ladurée Toronto give you a little menu booklet so you can choose your flavours while you wait in line. This makes the process move somewhat faster as people know what they want once they’re in the door.

Front page of the menu booklet for flavours available at Ladurée Toronto

One of the most impressive things about Ladurée is the beautiful packaging. It really is a cut above, and makes giving desserts that much more special. Since I was buying 6-8 macarons for myself, I couldn’t justify paying $8 for a box alone, so I got the entry-level box, which was free but cute enough.

Box of 8 macarons at Ladurée Toronto

This free box does not have the same level of attention as the thick stock boxes available for purchase starting at $8. The boxes available for purchase that caught my eye the most were the ones that held 6 macarons. They were rectangular, and came in their signature green, black and gold, as well as vibrant blue and pink options.

Back wall at Ladurée Toronto is covered in beautiful boxes for wrapping their signature desserts

After waiting 45 minutes in line, I left with a box of 8 macarons in the free box. Though I had been to Ladurée in Geneva, I had not yet tried their macarons so I was excited to do so.

I wanted to try a bunch of flavours so I opted for 8 different macarons. The flavours I got included a mix of fruity, salty, and sweet options, including the limited edition maple syrup, and a jet black liquorice.

At a price of $3.30 each, a box of 8 came to just under $30, so Ladurée is by no means a cheap treat, and may be best reserved for gift giving, or simply YOLO moments, which should be all the time!

Macarons from Ladurée Toronto. From left to right: passionfruit, liquorice, maple syrup, raspberry, orange blossom, salted caramel, rose, lemon

Ladurée Toronto is a welcome addition to the Yorkdale mall. These high-quality nuggets of deliciousness are worth a 45-minute wait if you appreciate quality French desserts.