DIY wine cart

DIY Wine Cart using Ikea kitchen cart

I wanted to do a DIY wine cart using an Ikea kitchen cart. I bought the Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart.

Painting the top

I chose a white paint in satin to paint the body off the DIY wine cart. Any white paint will do.

Staining the wood top

I bought some non-toxic stain from a local paint store for roughly $15. It was a water-based on with little to no odour.

To prepare the surface, sand it down with 150 grit sandpaper.

Any non-toxic varnish with low VOCs would work for protection.

You will need 2 coats of each, waiting roughly 2-3 hours in between for drying. You should also sand between coats of varnish.

Wine glass holder

I bought a wine glass hanger to help with my DIY wine cart project. This was the perfect thing to hang my wine glasses on. It is somewhat asymmetrical since you cannot line up 3 red wine glasses on the same row, but I made it work!

The wine glass holder I got holds all 8 of my wine glasses—4 red and 4 white.

Wine glass hanger on the DIY wine cart holds 8 wine glasses, 4 of each white and red

Stocking with wine

You will need approximately 6 bottles of wine to store on the kitchen cart, for best results. 😄


My DIY wine cart is travel-friendly and fully transportable! You could call it “the travel version!” This DIY wine cart has wheels thanks to the Ikea Bekvam kitchen cart, and can be wheeled around wherever I may need, provided that access-ways are accessible.

Finished version of my DIY wine cart