Cucumber gin and tonic made with Hendrick's gin, Fever Tree tonic water, and English cucumber

Cucumber Gin and Tonic cocktail recipe

Cucumber gin and tonic is a delicious, light and refreshing spin on the traditional gin and tonic drink. It uses Hendrick’s gin, a delicately-flavoured gin, fresh English cucumber, and Fever Tree tonic water, a natural tonic water that uses natural quinine sourced from real trees.

If you are someone who doesn’t normally like gin and tonics because you find them too strong, you may like this one. Hendrick’s is a milder, more floral gin, with essence of rose petal and cucumber. It is small-batch distilled in Scotland.

Hendrick’s is currently one of my favourite gins, and Fever Tree tonic water is my favourite tonic water, so naturally this is a winning combination!


2 oz. Hendrick’s gin
Fever Tree tonic water
ice cubes
a couple of cucumber slices


Combine ingredients in a rocks glass or highball glass, stir, and enjoy.

Hendrick's gin and tonic with Fever Tree tonic water

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