Croissant steak sandwich made with a buttery French croissant and hanger steak

Croissant Steak Sandwich

There’s nothing quite like a fresh, buttery croissant in the morning or early afternoon. Even better would be to pair that buttery croissant with a rich, organic, pan-fried hanger steak.

The croissant steak sandwich is a French-inspired lunch dish. In my opinion, croissants are buttery, fluffier, and more delicious than bread, so I couldn’t think of a more delicious vessel for steak.

I opted for an organic hanger steak from my local butcher shop. The steak was pan-fried in a cast iron pan.

I sliced the croissant in half, tucked the steak inside, and tossed someĀ arugula with grapefruit and a light vinaigrette.

The croissant steak sandwich is a perfect light lunch.

Buttery croissants are also great on their own!

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