Hudson Baby Bourbon

Hudson Baby Bourbon whiskey

Hudson Baby Bourbon is a delicious, small batch American whiskey aged in oak casks.

I was first acquainted with Hudson Baby Bourbon at a whiskey tasting for women at the Caledonian. It was a delicious bourbon among a selection of delicious scotches, so it really stood out as its flavour is definitely unique compared to Scottish whiskey.

A dram of Hudson Baby Bourbon

Hudson Baby Bourbon is so delicious, it is best enjoyed neat to really experience all of the flavour notes this high-quality bourbon has to offer. Even at 46%, it is much more delicate than your run-of-the-mill bourbon at 40% alcohol content.

Hudson Baby Bourbon is distilled in small batches

Hudson Baby Bourbon is distilled in small batches and each bottle is marked with the year, batch number, and bottle number.

A dram of Hudson Baby Bourbon

The colour is a deep amber. Flavour notes include oak… And that’s all I got. I am not a pro when it comes to flavour notes, but this one is very delicious. It’s much smoother and more flavourful than a common bottle of bourbon, understandably, as it is in a league of its own.

Hudson Baby Bourbon wax seal

Each bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon is sealed with real wax. This isn’t the kind of wax like on the Maker’s Mark bottle—this is real wax and is much harder to remove. After experimenting with it for several minutes with a variety of knives, almost injuring myself on multiple accounts, I eventually learned that the best way to crack this open is to cut from the bottom up, vertically, rather than around the bottle’s neck as you would to cut the foil wrapping off of a bottle of wine.

Hudson Baby Bourbon

All in all, this bourbon is delicious. I would have to say that it is the most memorable I’ve had, and would go as far as saying it’s my favourite bourbon that I’ve tried so far.