Quarantine Coffee brewing

Quarantine Coffee

Provided you can get some coffee beans at a grocery store or delivered to you by a local coffee shop, you should be able to make this recipe.

I’m drinking mine in my I ❤️ NY mug because I heart New York, or at least what’s left of it.


a sieve, or something else to filter
a kettle or pot to boil the water


16 g of your favourite coffee, coarsely ground
hot water


Preheat the Chemex and mug.

Weigh out about 16 grams of whole bean coffee. Run that through your coffee grinder at the French press setting or similar. You want a coarse grind because the tools we’ll be using for filtering aren’t going to be as great as the hipstery thick stock unbleached bonded Chemex filters you’re used to.

Grind coffee at the French press setting

Ground coffee, ready for some hot water

Dump hot water onto the beans and let sit for approximately 5 minutes.

Quarantine Coffee brewing

Filter it out into a cup. As you sip on this caffeine-filled sludge, shake your head and vow to never do this again, reminisce about the days of your coffee snobbery where you can head to 49th Parallel or Early Bird and grab a quality cup of coffee.